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Dimel Deads Without Rack


My gym doesn't have a powerrack and the squat rack does not allow me to get the bar as low as I need to have it. Any suggestions?


why do you need to worry about it?
As I understand it from reading Dave Tate's stuff here and at elitefts Dimel's are a higher volume move anyway.
Should be able to start from the floor, pull up, then come down to your knees, right?


Load the bar on the lower part of the squat rack and take a step back so you are just out of the rack. Dimels are done explosively with a lighter weight, so this shouldn't be too hard.


Yeah, Dimel deads are done quickly for high reps ... you use about 50% of your max dead.


ok ok my bad, let me rephase the question then, i want to do partial deads but I have no rack


low benches?


Does your gym have any of those gay steps for step aerobics? Stand on one of those in the squat rack. I think they are adjustable. I don't know how much weight they will hold.

(Edit - maybe even use a bunch of 45lbs to stand on if they have bumper plates. I have used rockblock before, but you might feel like a tool carrying two rockblocks into the gym)


Stack plates on top of each other. Old bumpers work well. Set the weight on them.

Or boards if you have enough. Doesn't work the best though.