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Dimebag Darrel


Dimebag, shot and killed. Damn.

I just heard that the gunman was killed. That’s too bad Dimebag made a great contribution to the metal landscape

Man that sucks…

I was listening to some radio station tonight coming from the gym when I heard the news. Funny thing was that the news guy (or actually the news itself) said the Dimebag’s name was “Dimebag Squirrel”.

RIP. He has some serious chops.

A total of 5 people where killed. Dimebag, a roadie?, 2 spectators and the gun man.

I just saw this on yahoo news this morning. This is some bullshit. I listen to Pantera a lot when I workout. It is great music for heavy iron. I just can’t believe someone would do something like this. I have to think it was personal in some way, as opposed to just a random thing or someone who just thought the music was moraly wrong or something.

A sad day for sure. I’ll be jammin’ to Pantera during my workout tonight for rememberance.

A major loss. Almost went to this show in NJ this past Saturday - wish I would have.

Dimebag = one hell of a guitar player

I saw Pantera four times in the day, and it was a sight to see. Dime will be sorely missed, thankfully the gunman was taken down and only a small amount of people lost their lives last night. Still, a sad, sad day. i think i’ll play a little Pantera and remember how great his talent was, and maybe watch their DVD and remeber what a funny guy he was too. RIP Dimebag Darrel

Wow, i still can’t believe this actually happened. Pantera was one of the best heavy metal bands ever, imo.

I wonder why he was killed and if Phil Anselmo had anything to do with it

This is absolutely the SUCKIEST suck that ever sucked. RIP, Dimebag. You are now legend.


There has never been, and never will be, another band like Pantera. True innovators in the industry. Stayed true to their style all they way up to their end.

And honestly, while it sucks they split, it’s better than continuing on and ending turning into something they were not about (like so many other bands did).

I have the Damageplan CD. Not a huge fan of it. But my Pantera CD’s will stay on my playlist forever.

Sad news indeed. Dimebag had an influence in my life, during the 90’s I would learn and play Pantera’s songs on the guitar.

I am worried about Vinnie Paul. Some news say that he was killed, others that he was injured, and others that he was uninjured.

I still can’t belive this happened. What is wrong with people?!?! RIP Dime.

(As for Vinnie, I’m fairly sure he got away physicaly unharmed, as for emotionaly, that is probably another story.)

…shit i still can?t believe this.

From everything I’ve read, the gunman was psychotic and obsessed with Pantera.

The gunman was probably in one of those “steriod rages” or something. It said in yahoo, that the gunman was an avid lifter and played semi-pro football. Damn steroids, making the world crazy.

R.I.P. “Dimebag”

  • We’ll Grind that Axe for a Long Time


You know what I like? I like respect to be paid to those who deserved it. I went to the Electric Ballroom (in London)on Friday and everyone had their Pantera T-shirts on and the club had their DVD playing on a big screen with a banner on one of the walls paying their respect to DD. Sikth (the band that came on that night) played a few of Panteras covers in tribute. It was touching to see that much respect paid to a man that, let’s be honest, was a legend even before his death. Rip Dimebag Darrel, sigh