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Dimas Video


I know this has probably been posted before......


Every time i see this, the only words that i can come up with are....holy fuck!


actually this is the 407th time it's been posted.... and it's still awesome.

I need this as my screen saver.


The only videos I have saved on my computer are the training hall clips of Dimas and Chakarov. Well videos that are appropriate for this section. Not as many people talk about that so maybe they haven't seen it. The way he casually power clean and jerks just seems unreal. He doesn't even appear to be that explosive like Dimas, the weight just glides up there though.


Not to mention the deep back squats he does at the end.


The link to these videos should be posted on the 1st of every month. I never get tired of watching them.



and don't forget this one :




a bunch more dimas video.