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To Bill and Cy (and other knowledgeable people):
I’ve been reading about DIM, and based on the claims, it would appear to have some fat loss potential through its effect on “bad” estrogen and overall estrogen balance.
Are you aware of any legitimate research to support this claim and if so, what are your thoughts with regard to optimal use?

Sorry, I left out what “DIM” refers to:
“diindolylmethane.” Among other claims, this compund will purportedly raise free testosterone.

There was a big article about it in #2 paper mag issue – it is also online. Just do a search… Well, what the heck, here is a link:

The articles I’d seen claiming usefulness in
bodybuilding did not impress me at all as being accurate or valid.

I completely expect that consuming an amount
of DIM comparable to eating a few servings
of broccoli is a healthful thing, if one is not eating cruciferous vegetables. But beyond that I wouldn’t expect anything.