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DIM Solo?


Just wondering what a natural trainer might expect from DIM use only (gains, effects) if not using any other supplements, prohormones etc. (i.e. not for PCT)?


Probably almost nothing.

IF you have messed up estrogen balance your MIGHT see a decrease in fat storage from the glutes, quads, chest and arms. but probably not to a degree that’s overly noticeable.


I have never read an article where DIM had an effect on “gains” is you are talking about hypertrophy.

On the other hand I have seen articles where DIM was linked to prostate health and reproductive health (mostly in women). It is also seen as an antioxidant and estrogen balancer. I say balancer instead of reducer as estrogen is a vital hormone in both men and women so the idea isn’t to eliminate it, rather you want the optimum ratio of estrogen to testosterone. Something that is seemingly difficult now a days due to the xenoestrogen boogy-man lurking within every grocery product.

Last time I looked into DIM the standard dose was between 100-200mg, 1 or 2 times per day. Basically it will boil down to about $10 a month to supplement with it and it is seen as “safe” unless you are taking other prescription drugs, or pregnant, or nursing.

And as with all my advice; don’t take my word for it ask your doctor if said product is right for you :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info. I had understood DIM to “compete” with estrogen receptors in the body. I thought if this was the case that maybe it shifted the testosterone/estrogen ratio to the “T” side possibly making one’s internal environment more anabolic. The more I learn about DIM, the more it seems to be useful as a PCT tool…at best.

Thanks again.



Thanks for the information.