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DIM Blocks Testosterone?

About to start taking DIM to attempt to lower my estrogen before the use of AI. Been doing alot of reading, some of which stating that DIM blocks testoserone on some level ?

I am currently on 500mg a week test E . Will taking DIM be counterproductive to my cycle ?

Doubtful. DIM will act as you intend it to, which means that it will prevent some aromatization from occurring. My tests (on myself) revealed diminishing returns once I got to about the 600-800 mg /day range. The issue I had was that I didn’t find DIM a cost effective solution when compared to Anastrozol. Compound this with the fact that not all brands of DIM deliver the same potency and it starts to feel a lot less predictable than I would like. If your E is high and you must run an AI over a SERM to control it I would prefer Adex personally (but I would still run a SERM instead).

Yea but serms don’t actually lower E. I have arimidex on hand. Fearful of tanking my E. I may start at 1mg a week and see what happens

So if you’re scared of tanking E then I would suggest a SERM is the absolute best way for ensuring that, except for doing nothing at all.
Unless your E is shooting through the roof why do you care if you’ve got the protection of a SERM? Honest question.

I dont have any symptoms of gyno or anything , but I do have some od the other affects of high E. I’ve been struggling with ED for a long time and it only took my own research to realize that my E was on the high side ( 50 before starting any test ) that coupled with feeling tired often I feel like my estrogen may be playing a role in my ED issues. Although 50 is not crazy high at may be too high for me

Perhaps…certainly a hypothesis worth testing. With an E of 50 you may want to consider .25mg twice a week for a while; I wouldn’t start at 1mg…but to creep up on it than pull out the hammer first thing.

Keep us posted.

Ok I’ll start at .25 2x a week. And thanks for you help…its amazing how you need to he your own doctor, mind you I have been struggling with ED for years and constantly told oh your test is low but everything else is normal , nothing wrong with you…which I realize can still be the case… but I went back and checked bloodwork for the previous 3 years.lowest my estrogen has been was 48 highest it’s been was 74… it was over 60 for almost 2 years of blood tests. Testoserone never over 483.