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DIM Binds to Androgen Receptors?

I understand DIM helps with estrogen metabolism and balancing the good and bad estrogens, but can we somehow clarify the studies that say DIM is a potent anti-androgen?
Supposedly it binds to androgen receptors interfering with testosterone.
Can anyone comment on this?
I’ve taken 200 mg a day for about a month and can’t really say I feel different one way or another. Maybe less acne then before.

Here’s a study concluding that DIM, even at high levels was not effective in lowering estrogen. It seems DIM, just one metabolite of Indole-3-Carbinol, may not be effective in isolation. However, supplementation with I3C, or consuming lots of cruciferous vegetables might be more effective.

Frankly, I’ve always suspected there are better ways to control estrogen. At the top of the list is reducing body fat and keeping it low.

But how does it affect testosterone is my question. Studies show it attaches itself to androgen receptors and becomes an androgen antagonist.

So are you saying that DIM does not work?

I was under the impression that DIM would also metabolize test and other steroid hormones as well as E2. That’s what I remember reading at least.

LOL Tell that to the people who have crashed their e2 with it.

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Yeah I’m sure DIM is effective for E2. Just worried it might be a little too effective at destroying testosterone too.

“Both diindolylmethane (DIM) and resveratrol are specifically acting dietary anti-androgens.”

“Taken together with our published reports of the estrogen agonist activities of DIM, the present results establish DIM as a unique bifunctional hormone disrupter. To our knowledge, DIM is the first example of a pure androgen receptor antagonist from plants.”