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DIM and Prostate Supreme

Has anyone been advised to take DIM supps and prostate supreme pills? I am on trt and my doc has me taking these 2 over the counter supps in addition to Arimidex. Was wondering if they are needed or if im just being sold some debatable supps to flow some extra coin to the doc? links of products below.


I’m getting same advice from my doc at least for the DIM. In addition to DIM supplements, he wants me to include more natural sources like Brussel Sprouts and Brocholi. I am currently taking 25mg of Arimidex every other day per the KSman sticky on “Protocol For Injections”. Like you, not sure if DIM is necessary addition?

The DIM should help “detox” you of xeno-estrogens and can also be used as an aromatase inhibitor (relatively weak).

With out the DIM, when you go off of the arimidex, you would still possibly have a high amount of xenoestrogens and your problems could come back. Give the DIM a go for a few months. Just my opinion.

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