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DIM and Calcium D-Glucarate


I'm looking to cut and tone and am looking for a lean "dry" look so I've decided to tackle estrogen. What would be a good dosage plan for using DIM and calcium D-glucarate, currently Im using two of the Nature's Way DIM plus (is this a good brand?) and 500 mg of Calcium D-glucarate twice a day.


you cal-D dosage is good, what is the dosage on the natures way product?


The Nature's way DIM has 12.5 mg of actual dim per capsule so I'm taking 50 mg of DIM a day.


from what i have read and heard, thats a very small dose, if it working then great, but usually 100mg three times/day is recommended. brands like olympian labs or source naturals have 100mg capsules/tablets.


Ok thx for the advice. I've also read that DIM is an anti-androgen. Does anyone know if this only pertain to the prostate or will it block receptor sites in muscle tissue as well?


im not sure about this, so im also hoping someone else can comment on it.

If you are concerned about it being an anti androgen, its important to note that once you get the desired results from the DIM/cal-D you can SLOWLY lower the dose untel your taking half to a third of the starting dose to maintain. Then you would be taking in much less of the "anti-androgen"


Ive used Natures way DIM with very good results. 2caps 2x daily for 2months, then 1cap 2x daily since. I dont believe you need 300mg a day, unless you have some major estrogen issues. For a healthy/ish male who lifts I feel the loweer dosage is better long term.(also easier to determine adjustments to dosage levels for your personal benefit)

After my first two months I started to notice a slight decrease in libido, Id say weeks 6,7, and 8, which led me to believe estrogen was to low compared to T levels. Remember estrogen is important. Also, when I say slight drop i mean slight drop, just enough to notice. Lowering the dose fixed it right up.

As far as an anti-androgen. Ive only found prostate related articles myself. Wish I could shine some light on this. However, Ive made some good strength and size gains while using it. So, IMO I feel that any low level binding of the androgen sites are offset, by far, by the favorable hormonal blance you are creating between you estrogen and testosterone. In refrence to DIM as a anti-androgen Id call this, in the big picture, a non-factor and something you shouldn't worry about.

Hope this was helpful. Good Luck!


Awesome, thx for the feedback, makes me feel alot better. Gonna stick with my dose and see how it goes :smiley: