Diluting Liquid Clen?

Hey everyone,

I have liquid clen on hand, it measures, 1000mcg per ml.
That amounts to 20mcg per 0.02ml.
I can’t find anything to measure amounts that small, apparently an 0.3cc insulin syringe would do the trick, but can’t source one.

So, someone suggested diluting it. Can it be done? What should I dilute it in? I know the chem, basic C1V1=C2V2, but I need to know what solution I can dilute it in? Has anyone done this before, is this a wise move, or should I just try and source the insulin syringe?


That is way overdosed. I don’t know why anyone would make such a high concentration. Are you sure its 1000mics p/ml? Ive never seen anything higher than 200micsp/ml. I would venture a guess and say because of the exact same problem your having. So first I would double check my source and if it is correct just dilute it with bacteriostatic water.

Yes, it is 1000mcg/ml.
Can’t I dilute it in normal water?
Where to get bacteriostatic water from? :S

This is a pain, 1000mcg/ml. Heaps.

If it is dissolved in water then you can use water to dilute it, but make sure it is in fact water. I’m sure you are smart enough to figure this out. Since it is for oral administration you can use tap water, though if you use tap water and store it for a length of time it will go bad. Bacteriostatic water will greatly extend the shelf life almost indefinitely. You can get bacteriostatic water from most online lab supply stores.

Yes it appears to be diluted in water.
I think I will dilute, say, 1ml at a time, that way, shelf life is not an issue.

Thanks mate.