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"Diluted" Test Injections? PCT for 10-Week Cycle?

Hey all, I’m glad I found this site. I have a couple questions for you guys.
First, I was wondering if it is safe to inject Testosterone with moisture in the vile. My friend attempted to “dilute” the Test we had by simply injecting tap water into the vile (i know right). Is this test still safe to use?
Second, I’m nearing the end of a 10 week cycle of test. As far as PCT goes, I have no idea what I’m doing. Any tips?

Thanks everyone

You’re kidding right? It’s not that it’s diluted that’s the problem, it’s contaminated. Who knows what was in the tap water you’re retarded friend added to the vile? What possible reason could he have for wanting to dilute his gear?! Properly manufactured gear contains an amount of BA (benzyl alcohol) as a means of preserving or keeping any creepy crawlies from growing in the solution but I wouldn’t trust the amount to be enough fight whatever may be found in tap water (not to mention the other possible chemicals added to tap water).


First of all, your friend is an idiot!! Why in the actual fuck would someone want to “dilute” their gear? The gear is dosed a certain way of a reason. If you want to pin a lower mg of gear, you just draw less into the syringe. It’s not rocket surgery! Ask yourself this… “Do I want to inject this potentially dirty tap water into my muscles?” I highly doubt that the answer will be a yes. BTW in no way am I upset or yelling at you haha. I know it seems that way in a typed message. I just can’t get over the fact that he put tap water into a vial of test.


Make sure to visit your friend when he’s in the hospital with a staph infection. It can get lonely in there after a few days and most of the nurses don’t look like the ones that are in porn.


Could he at least used some kind of oil rather than water? Would love to hear what his plan was for getting the water to mix with the oil.


:joy: I know I tore him a new one. Thanks for the responses guys, I’m gonna toss it

I believe you can dilute test/ other steroids with sterile oil, some sources manufacture sterile oil for dilution, like I have a vial of test that magically fell out of the sky and into my hands, but it’s dosed at 450mg/ml which I could dilute to say 225mg/ml (and I probably will, the high concentration of the stuff hurts like a bitch… though not as bad as pharm grade sustanon)

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