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Dear T-magger’s I’m not sure where to post this but I have a dillema of honour. I am going to compete in the Australian MuscleMania on Oct 6th and according to MuscleMania web page andro supplements are allowed and Mag10 is not have any banned substances by IOC standards according to Tim Patterson I believe. Yet prohormones are banned for use in Australia in general in Australian Natural Federations. I can get my hands on Mag10 but should I use it? Strictly I’m following the rules and get tested by ASDA according to IOC standards so I think its O.K. Feedback appreciated.

i was under the impression that mag-10 was illegal in australia full-stop. i am pretty keen to have a go of mag-10 and anti-oestrogen but don’t know where to look. if you could help i would be pretty stoked. thanks mate.

I figure as long as the competition organization doesn’t consider these supplements illegal, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. If athletes are coming from other countries to participate, they’ll definitely be using those supps, but if they’re from OZ only, then they’ll be facing the same moral dilemma. I say that if it’s an Australian-only competition, you should do the honourable thing and not use MAG10. If, however, the comp is involving athletes from elsewhere, then perhaps MAG10 use is justified. Also, it depends on what your personal view on being “natural” really is…and do you have what it takes to win without the use of prohormones. Not an easy decision, I’m sure. Good luck.

How can you get your hands on Mag-10? Customs treats it like a steroid (well, it pretty much is, but nonetheless…). Very interested to hear this…