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Dilemma About TRT

Hi everybody

I am new here and i was wondering if i can get some advice. I have a very useless Endo who is very old-fashioned and he wanted me to be on trt for life. i started trt 3 years ago and i didn’t really benefit from it. i tried Nebido injection every three months and this made me very anxious and sexually weak. i begged for hcg and i got it and this is was the best for sex but didn’t increase my testosterone level (go figure!).

i was put on gel and i am now using testim for the last 4 days and i feel crap. i feel my knees are caving in when i walk. extremely anxious and tired and physically very very weak. i was better on tostran gel before this testim(tostran is 2% testosterone gel) , my T levels were within the normal range but low still. i am thinking about stopping trt altogether and i am worried. i wanted to be put on sustanon 100 mg every 2 weeks but the GP refused and wanted me to wait till he gets the letter from the Endo. I don’t know what to do ! i suffer from mental health problems : GAD and depression and i am not well at all

Welcome! This is the place that you need to be.

Your estradiol [E2] levels may be the problem. Any E2 lab data?

On testim, tostran - what was dose and what were your T lab results?

Low normal is not good at all.

Please read the stickies in this order:

  • advice for new guys - provide data about you, post labs with ranges, post body temperatures [C&F please]
  • protocol for injections
  • estradiol:

You may have issues other than low T.


Doctors are the problem, especially over there.