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Many of you may recall that I have a bowflex and access at certain times to a gym. My dilema is this. I can only use this gym when the guy is there. He is only there in the mornings. 9-10:30

My schedule

mon 9:50-10:30 son swimming
Tues son in tow not ideal
Wed 9:50-10:30 son swimming
Thursday can make it
Friday son in tow

So I was thinking, I can do everything I need on the bowflex, except squats, deadlifts and snatches. I was thinking that if I did an upper/lower split with Weds off I could work it so that my squats and deadlift day would wind up at the gym. I hate leg presses.

Something like...

Monday Lower at home (lunges etc..)
Tuesday upper at home
Wed Cardio
Thursday Lower at gym (squats,DL's)
Friday at either gym or home depending on the rugrat.

So that being said...I can't find a program to follow and being relatively new and having all of my ideas shot down I would like something that works.

Can anyone help me?



Well, it kind of sounds like you are already on your way to figuring out what you want to do. Are you planning on doing an upper body day on Friday as well or just go one day a week there?

I guess my main question would be, exactly what lower body stuff can you do at home? Do you have dumbells to do lunges, step-ups, etc. with, or are you doing everything with the Bowflex? I'm not really familiar with what you can do with that, but I'd imagine you can figure out a way to use the cables for leg variations.

Maybe something like this:


A. Single-Leg Superset
Simply pick any single-leg exercise. To make it posterior-dominant, widen your stance, to make it quad-dominant, bring your feet in closer, don't lunge at as far or step up as far on the box, etc.

B. Cable Pull-Throughs
I'm assuming you can do these with a Bowflex, if not, I'm not sure, you'd have to think of something else that hits the glutes/low back that you can do with the machine.

C. High-Rep Calf Work
If you have dumbells you can weight it, but if not just do high rep bodyweight calf raises or single-leg calf raises.

D. High-Rep, Unweighted Ab Circuit


A. Bench Press
B. Lat Pulldown
C. Tricep Extension
D. Bicep Curl

I'm assuming you can do all of those on the Bowflex?


A. Squat/Deadlift
B. RDL/Good Morning/Back Extension
C. GHR/Leg Curl
D. Weighted Abs


A. Bench/Incline/Military Press
B. Bentover Row/CG Supinated Lat Pulldown/Chins
C. Front/Lateral Raises
D. Reverse Flys/Face Pulls/Shrugs
If you aren't planning on lifting Friday, I guess just throw some of the shoulder/upper back stuff in on Tuesday.

I don't know what your goals and whatnot are, so I just kinda came up with that off the top of my head, but I hope it helps a little.


Thanks for the response.

I was planning on it being

Monday lower
Tuesday upper
Wed cardio
thurs lower
Friday upper
Sat cardio
sun off

My goals are fat loss and muscle gain. I am looking to bring my BF to around the 12-15% range. I am going by sight mostly. I would ideally like to reach this goal inside of 4-5 months and I know it is attainable. I am currently around 30%.

I enjoy doing squats and deadlifts and will do both on the same day. Call me crazy. I only have one lower body day in the gym so I have to take advantage of it.

The bowflex is very versatile I can do almost every exercise on it, including weighted calf raises and leg presses, extentions and curls. I cannot squat or deadlift or snatch, most everything else no problem. I have 410 pounds of resistance. I do have a chin up bar as well and a treadmill.

I would like to get a weight set and my husband can build me a squat rack. Maybe for mothers day!

Did I just say I wanted weights and a squat rack for mothers day? You guys are wearing off on me!