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Dilated Pupils

Someone noticed that my pupils are constantly dilated. I couldn’t figure out why because I don’t do drugs or even drink alcohol. So here are my supplements I’m currently working with beverly international:
Descinated Liver Tabs
Mass amino’s
4 each per meal
Multi vitamin super pak.1 daily
Protein powder (champions proscore)
2 tbs udo’s.
Any reason why this is happining?

Check the back issues for the two part interview with Ken Kinakin (sorry, can’t tell you what issues). He menitons that pupil dilation can be a sign of overtraining ala some nutritional deficiency. I can’t remember more specifics but this could be the case. What’s your routine/lifestyle like?

I train 5 days a week, I also sprint, box, and train very hard.

Sounds like your sympathetic nervous system is never letting up, which could be related to overtraining. Try focusing more on rest and recovery.

Husk, that’s a shitload of training. Five days of lifting a week is pushing it, assuming you’re training for BB ends, and to throw sports-specific work into the mix is probably too much. Most athletes, myself included, that I know lift three times week max during most training cycles. Try cutting back the lifting, cut back the intensity for a few weeeks and/or just take a week off and see how it goes.