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Digital Scale


I need to buy a digital scale, as well. Are there any brand names I should avoid? Brands I should look for?

I need something with close to a kilogram capacity.... and a 0.1 accuracy.


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actually you know what bro, i found a good canadian site that sells for decent prices.


i dunno, they seem alright :confused:


Try to avoid the digital scales - the balance scales are way more acurate and reliable.


are you sure about that? i never knew that, myself. got any specific recommendations? i'm seeing some well-priced hand-held balance scales that are selling for like 10-20 dollars . but their capacities are low, they have a good .01 gram readability, but they can only do 10 grams at a time. some of the lab shit is more expensive.

i.e. here:



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too expensive, bro. i think some digital scales with 'bowls' will do the trick just fine for a much better price. i'll be mixing like 300 grams at a time.

i.e. 300 milligrams of powder with 22.2 grams of filler for like 60 capsules at 5 mg a capsule.


It has been my finding that the digitals can be a little 'finicky' from time to time. And you can fuck the weigh pad very easily. At least with the balance scales They will give the same consistency of acuracy forever.

I personally use a gunpowder scale and just convert the grains into grams. this of course is pretty much the most accurate scale you can use. As for capacity, 10 grams is a lot, keeping in mind that most capsule filling machines have less than 300 caps per go. Thats more than enough capacity to weigh out 25 mg per cap or whatever, and you can just weigh out your filler if need be in two go arounds.


ya i'm only gonna buy a 60 capsule maker to save cash. still, i think a good digital scale from ohaus will suffice for my needs. i don't need pharmaceutical accuracy. so if some caps are 8 milligrams and other are 5 milligrams, it ain't no biggie.


since i'm most likely going to buy a digital scale, do i need to buy calibration weights? also i just wanna bump this thread because i'm wondering if anyone can give me some insight into which brands/manufacturers are good/shitty?


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thanks bro. but still, i just would like to know if there are any companies i should avoid or any spectacular manufacturers that i should look for.