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Digital Food Scale


I'm currently browsing Amazon.com for a digital food scale and there are over a 100 to choose from.

Any recommendations?

Pros and cons?



I'm also in the market for a digital food scale. I'm interested to see some responses.


i have a salter and it works great


I bought one from Amazon and it was broken during shipping.

why not just go to your local WalMart, Sears, Kohls or Target and see what they have?


I got one at Big Lots for $12. Works quite well.


Probably what I'll end up doing, but as long as this thread was created I figured I'd see what people like.


Oh I was definitely checking the thread for suggestions also! I haven't replaced the broken one yet.


Well, I know I want a scale thats precise and can weigh in oz's and grams. I also want one thats large enough to slap a big plate on top of it (to put my food on to measure).


my salter does oz and grams, up to 11 lbs, which is nice so i can put my plate on it, tare the scale (zero it out) and still weigh my portions on it.


I like how you think. I had one that had a very small weighing plate so when I would put something on it I had to make sure it was balanced.


You know what's funny? There's something about coming home from work and seeing a package on my porch from Biotest or Amazon that makes me feel like I'm opening a present.

So I decided to order one:

It's simple but does exactly what I'm looking for. Capacity range is from 1 gram - 5kg.

I'll give a review when it arrives.


who am I kidding, I feel the same way.

A review would be great as that is a great price for the scale.


I think I have a Salter somewhere.

But right now I'm just using some cheapo from Wal-Mart. Precision, I think.

It's plastic, I can toss it around the kitchen, and it does the job.


Most are of the size that'll hold a plate (at least the two I have and those I looked at in the store). Just make sure the screen is positioned so that you can still see it.


That's exactly the one I have. I bought it a year ago or so from amazon. I like it, especially for the money. It works good, you can put a plate on it, then re-zero it (tare) to get the weight of just the food. It measures in: grams, oz, lbs/oz, and the display is easy to read.


Yeah, thats a good point. It would be useless if I put a plate on it and couldn't see the reading.


none. I've been to like 5 places. No one even knows what I'm talking about.



this is the 121 model, amazon doesn't have it, they have the regular 120 model.


That looks really nice, but how large is it? Seems interesting, I wonder how accurate the food database in it is.


Maybe try a smoke shop.