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Hi All

Im going to be purchasing a digital camera soon and just wanted some input from those in the know.Im looking to spend four to five hundred bucks. Also Im going to be in Columbus ,Ohio next week and I was thinking that I could stretch my Canadian dollar out a little more down there .Thanks Guys

Based on your budget, you look like you are a serious buyer. I would recommend Canon or Nikon. However, I bought a Canon and next time it will be a Nikon. A friend of mine has a Nikon with the same resolution (Megapixels). Comparing pictures, functions, and extras, I eventually got sold to Nikon. In the end, pictures taken on his Nikon always look sharper than mine.

About digital cameras, are they fairly fool-proof in terms of getting pictures onto the computer? I mean, I can handle some basic computer uses, but, I’m not exactly Mr. Wizard with the thing. (Pop quiz for the Children of the 80’s: Who else thinks Mr. Wizard was awesome!!??!!)

Any chance it really is as simple as “Plug cable into camera, plug cable into computer, done.”?

I recently purchased a 5 megapixel Canon Elph SD400 and I love the thing. It takes great pictures and video. Has a large LCD for viewing and the camera is smaller than my wallet. Perfect for putting in my pocket and carrying around.

The going rate for this camera in most retail stores is about $349 US. I think it’s a good deal.

What are you looking for? Something that fits in your pocket? A digital SLR?

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If you are looking for a point and shoot, I’d recommend the Canon SD500, it’s a bit bulkier than the SD400 but offers superb features.

Don’t forget that megapixels don’t necessarily tell you how good of quality the picture will be, it only tells you how BIG you can blow up your picture before it gets too pixelated.

My research (that is, reading what the pros and reviewers have said) has shown that Canon are superior to Nikon in terms of photo quality.

[quote]Minotaur wrote:

Any chance it really is as simple as “Plug cable into camera, plug cable into computer, done.”?[/quote]


I recently got a Canon PowerShot A510, and yes, it really is that easy. :slight_smile:

I have about no patience with electronics or instructions, but this couldn’t have been easier. In addition to the complete instruction booklet, which is extremely user friendly, it also comes with a “quick start” sheet. Haha! Perfect. I was up and running in about as much time as it took to slap some batteries in it and load the software.

Mine was in the $200 range, with the extra memory card, not as sophisticated as what is sounds like the original poster is looking for, but perfect for me for now. It does have a ton of capabilities which I haven’t even begun to explore. For my price range, it was the Consumer Reports pick and also recommended by a couple friends.

Olympus is the way to go. I have tried & compared Nikon, HP, Cannon, Sony, etc. but I can’t leave the Olympus! I bought one back when everyone else was using film (when 1.3MP was big), and it still works. I think I got about 8 years of hard use out of it!

I recently upgraded to a 5MP Olympus Camedia (Model D-595?). It only cost about $200 at Best Buy! With 5MP, I can make a decent 8x12 that is good enough to frame. That, my friend, is a lot of potential for the money.

In your price range, you could get one with better optical zoom (digital zoom is worthless- it only crops your picture) or more MP. Keep in mind that you will need accessories ie, bag / extra battery & charger / extra memory card / perhaps cables / perhaps a card reader. Software should come with the camera. You may consider making your purchase online at Best Buy, etc. You can at least look online to compare features.

Like I said, I prefer Olympus for picture quality and durability / product life. Good luck, & welcome to digital photography.

Thanks for the responses everyone. Seems like there is alot of preferences based on what what is right for you. I was unaware that the number of megapixels is related only to size and quality not quality alone.Ive heard good things about the Nikon coolpix and the Canon series as well .It looks like I might not have to spend as much as iI thought either.Still reviewing my options.Thanks again.