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Digital Camera Input


I need to get a new camera and I'd like some advice. Does anyone know what level of megapixel you need to get good quality prints? I'd like to be able to print up to a full sheet. Also, I would love to have one I don't have to wait for it to reset, or alteast limit the wait.

I should note I'm on a budget but I'd still like something decent. I don't know what my budget is either, if I find out I can get what I want for $200 great, if it costs more than I'll just wait a bit longer.



Todd, the only way to get no wait is by spending at least $750 and get a Nikon D50 or better. If you take many photos it's worth the extra. Good Luck.


That is our of the price range for sure. I could see maybe $400, If I can't get no wait for that oh well. I had an older fuji and it was down right slow between pitures. I'd like something reasonable. Mostly I was curious about the pixels. It seems like everything else it just gets better and better. What is really needed for good picture quality?


Are you looking at pocket dig cameras? SLR? Point and shoot?


In your price range, look at the Canon SD500. It's dope.


I second the Canon. My whole family (extended, too) have some sort of variation of the Canon elph powershot. I have the powershot SD 100 (which is relatively outdated) and I love it. Its small enough to put in your pocket to go out and good enough to take good quality (good enough quality, for me at least.)

My brothers and I just pitched in to buy my mom a new powershot (I forget which one) but it was 200 bucks at PC Richards, 4.0 megapixel and 4x optical zoom. If you're new to the digital photography world, I'd say thats a perfect choice for you.

Oh, and they're very easy to use.

Good luck.


Here's another good site to look around in: