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Digital Camera -- E-Mailing Pics


I bought a digital camera lately (a Sony) and like it a lot, but I'm having trouble e-mailing pictures, which should be easy as pie. I'm reasonable computer-savy and have e-mailed plenty of different types of attachments before, so I don't know why this is happening.

I'll save each one to my desktop, then I'll drag each of the little picture icons into the new message I'm typing up, so they appear as attachments under the subject line, then I'll send it. Only it doesn't transmit, for some reason. People have been receiving blank e-mails without the picture attachments. Any ideas?

Once I master that, perhaps I'll learn to post pics to this Forum . . . .



Are the file sizes too large?


I was wondering that. I'll have to look at it again when I get home tonight. How large is too large? Is there typically a limit as to how many megabytes, or something, you can put in one e-mail? (I'm sending it from my Time Warner Cable RoadRunner account, if that matters).


Might be getting scrubbed by thier E mail filters.


I imagine too large depends on your (or their) server.

I had similar issues pasting digital pics in a Word document for reports.

I just opened the pics and resaved them to a reasonable size and the problem went away.

I also so that when I email pictures.

I seem to remember the files get smaller by about a factor of 10.


Gotcha. Thanks guys. So how do I re-save them to a smaller size? How is that done?


i open pics w/ microsoft photo editor/image/resize/ save as . that's it if ya got windows.


I use Adobe Photoshop but the bottom line is, you need some software. Maybe your camera came with some software?

Or you can just take pictures at reduced resolution.


It's probably not the size of the picture, but the picture itself. Depending on the format that your email system uses, pictures may be sent as part of the text of the email (think of a web page with inline pictures), instead of as an attachment.

Try zipping it instead. Right click the picture, choose Send To, then choose Compressed (zipped) folder. When you are done you will have a file with the same name, but a .ZIP extension. Send that instead. The recipient just has to double-click the zip file, and inside it is your picture.