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Digital Calipers to Joel Marion or anyone

Hey Joel I was wondering what kind of digital calipers you use? I found some pretty cheap ones on this page and was wondering what you thought of them. www.eglobalgym.com/member/ product_detail.asp?pid=87

Yup, those are the ones, you can probably get them cheeper however by doing a search on Yahoo shopping.


I found them for 27 by doing a search on yahoo.

Keep in mind this is Canadian dollars.

I recently picked up the Fat Track II calipers from dpsnutrition.com for $25. Check it out.

I think the only difference is that the II allows you to store the readings, but not exactly sure. A 3-site digital reading is a digital reading…no need to spend the extra cash if you can get a I for real cheep.

Yup, DPS has them for cheap. It would be 38 canadian.

Maybe I’m doing something wrong with these, but this little suckers beeps way before I even get to the skinfold. The moment I try and close it, the pressure from my thumb causes it to beep. What’s the proper way to do this? These have my chest reading at like 15mm whereas Harpenden calipers read me at 6mm. Suggestions?

Thunder - If that is the case, you have a faulty button. I would call the company and they should replace them.