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Digestive problems

I always notice that when ever I’m on a no carb diet for cutting that I have practically no gas whatsoever, but whenever I eat a normal diet I’m always farting like crazy. I guess it’s safe to assume that I’m having a problem digesting carbs. If so does anyone know of a good digestive enzyme or other remedy?

get you some acidophollus…as far as your farting situation you are on your own!!!LOL no try some beano

Carbs, especially fructose, can be problematic for many people. Many vegetables contain cellulose and are therefore high in fiber. The body cannot digest cellulose and it is excreted out of our bodies. Sometimes that cellulose can become stuck in your lower intestine and it ferments, causing gas. You can take a good enzyme product that will digest the carbs specifically and you can start taking a probiotic supplement. Yogurt is naturally high in probiotics so you might want to include it in your diet. If you get a Probiotic supplement, look for one that is enteric coated because it needs to bypass the acids of the stomach and make it into the lower intestine in one piece. I use Natural Factors’ Protec. Take one of these before every major meal, add yogurt in your diet, and a good enzyme supplement, and your friends will be very gratefull.

plain yogurt