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Digestive phisiology

I hope everyone understands this, I’m not quite sure how to put it into words. As soon as I finish my workout, sometimes a little before, I drink a whey protein and maltodextrin drink. About 20 minutes later, I get home and drink milk and eat other things. Most food stays in the stomach for about an hour before moving on to the small intestine, right? But, since stomach digestion is primarily mechanical, other than breaking proteins into polypeptides, would my post workout drink stay in there that long? I am wondering because I don’t see much point in bringing it to the gym if it will just remain in the stomach to mix with the milk and food, slowing the absorbtion my post workout drink. Do I have to wait an hour to eat if I want to reap the benefits of this post workout drink?

Get a good digestive enzyme… it can speed up the entire process if it is in fact a good supplement. It will speed up the break down of protein in the stomach enough to move it onto the small intestine sometimes cutting that time in half. Otherwise I’d suggest taking that workout shake about half an hour to an hour before the workout instead. Think of it this way: It really does not begin to benefit the body until it’s spent at least an hour in the small intestine. Until that time it isn’t doing anything for you. In fact it is actually detrimental to your workout since it is probably taking valuble energy away from the muscle until true absorbtion occurs. Also take a good look at how the milk is affecting your system. Milk in itself can slow down digestion quite a bit even if you are not lactose intolerant. If you are not intolerant, and you seem to benefit from milk protein quite a bit, look into getting some lactaid to further enhance its breakdown.

The best I can recall the post workout shake is pre-digest whey and simple carbs ( with BCAA’s in individual state I think). The recommendation is to wait an hour, but with this I think its for the effects to be maximized, not for digestive reasons. Simple sugars are taken up pretty much immediately and pre-digested whey is too, since it’s already broken down. My guess is the mixture is almost done being digested by the time you get home, but the hormonal changes aren’t yet maxed out. So I would say take it to the gym and drink asap and wait the hour to eat anything else. Peace, Tmofa

RS, could you recommend a good digestive enzyme supplement?

I used a couple of generic enzymes from GNC and Vitamen World. They suck! Get ahold of a product called Digestive Formula (Two Phase Digestive Aid) by a company called Life Plus. Supposedly doctors help produce this product. Their theory on their formula is sound and it seems to work excellently. You can only order them on the internet. You will experiance some discomfort (especially while on the toliet) at first but this passes after two to three days. Then your dookie will become really consistent. I mean more consistent than you can imagine. You will crap every day at exactly the same time. It is very strange but easy to get used to. Also you will notice that more of what you consume is actually absorbed… there for much more goes into your body than out of it.

 ... Why are you eating a full meal 20 minutes after ur post workout shake? U should be taking 35-45 grams protein in ur shake and any carbs u might need ( dextrose, maltodextrin). U shouldnt eat for 2 hours. why? u already took all the protein and carbs (if any) with ur shake. u wont need to feed ur body 20 mins afterwards! Besides, a whole meal will do nothing but slow ur digestion process down, and give ur body more protein than it can handle - this protein will be disposed of, either by going in th crapper, or by being broken into glucose. So what benefits are you getting out of it? The protein in ur meal is going be disposed of ( or assimilated as fat, after being broken down into glucose), the protein in ur shake is going to get assimilated much slower, thus negating the reason why you take a LIQUID post workout shake. i see no benefits of eating a meal 20 mins after ur shake. wait 2 hours.

start sipping the drinking before you begin working out. Finish whats left if any afterwards. Wait for an hour and then eat. Laters pk

Ever read “The Protein Roundtable?” In it, when discussing protein intake in a single meal, Cy Wilson says, “…a MINIMUM of 40 grams per sitting should work well for everyone.” An upper limit is not discussed. Since my shake is 20g P and my meal 48g P, I don’t think I’m wasting any. And as for your suggestion of sitting around hungry (no, liquid whey and maltodextrin will not fill me up) for 2 hours right after a workout, it is absurd, especially when I have to eat at least every 2 hours to get enough calories to bulk.

Excellent point on eating every two (to three hours). I go every three hours. Even during sleep. Try the enzymes. Take the shake an hour before the workout. Then eat a meal after working out… eat something else right before you go to bed… eat three hours later… take the enzyme only when you feel like the meal may make you full. If you do eat this often, your body along with intense training will practically incinerate food. Your going to have to drink a shit load of water as well. I have been doing this the past four days and I have maintained a three day long pump now. Also absolutely no recovery time!

Thanks for the advice. So would I mix these digestive enzymes with my whey/maltodextrin, or are these something that have to be taken several times a day?

Guys, I could be wrong but if you read the article again, take Surge ASAP after your workout go by the weight/dosing guidelines, then if bulking consume a regular meal (shake or whole foods)1 hour later, if cutting wait until your next meal (skip this meal).
You don’t need a digestive enzyme with Surge. The sugars are in their simplest forms as is the whey, it’s pre-digested. Though the digestive enzyme is a good addition to other meals. Peace, Tmofa

So, in reference to my original question, whey DOES NOT stay in the stomach for an hour? Is this correct?

Patman, DON’T BUY DIGESTIVE ENZYMES THEY DON’T WORK. They are smoke, save your money for SURGE, Surge is the best and only supplement I would never give up. You say you have milk and other stuff for your meal after your whey and maltodextrin drink. Dude read “SOLVING THE WORKOUT PUZZLE BY JOHN BERARDI” I have been doing what John has suggested and I have never recovered better from my workouts. If you are serius about making positive gains follow John’s plan, it flat out works. Pre and during workout drink 1 & 1/2 scoops of SURGE with 3 grams of plain creatine mixed with 1 liter of water and ton’s of ice. Sip through entire workout. For post workout have the same exact drink again. 60 minutes later have food meal of protein and moderate carbs with very little fat. This will lead you to some awesome recovery. DOOCH