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Digestive Issues: What's the Deal?

So I’ve been having super soft and mushy stools recently (not exactly diarrhea). It seems like I have these for a week or two every couple months and I have no idea why. curious if any of y’all have had a similar issue? Here’s what I’m eating everyday. It usually stays the same so the changes in stool don’t make any sense. im currently on a bulking diet, so I’m eating large quantities of all these foods. But I’ve been doing this for a few months now without a problem until recently. The changes in stool seems to be completely random. I’ve tried to prevent them by doing stuff like apple cider vinegar, and taking digestive enzymes but nothing seems to make a difference. I eat a lot of vegetables and other fibers so I can’t see that being the issue either. I’ve also removed all of the typical allergenic foods like gluten and dairy. If anyone has any idea on what the issue could possibly be, please post. Here’s my diet

Pre workout meal: coffee, whey protein concentrate, butter, coconut oil OR surge workout fuel w creatine and BCAA peptides on hypertrophy days

Post workout meal: quinoa, OR buckwheat with redbell pepper, baby tomatoes, onions, eggs and olive oil

Meal 3: shake with 1 scoop vegan protein, 3 tablespoons cashew butter, hemp milk, 2 table spoons coconut oil, cinnamon and protein bar

Meal 4: salmon or chicken with cucumber, avacodo, fermented vegetables, pumpkin seeds


  1. cod liver oil
  2. magnesium 700 Mg’s
    3)b-complex vitamins
  3. whey and vegan protein
  4. surge workout fuel (occasionally)
  5. creatine (occasionally)
  6. curcumin and boswellian
  7. green superfood

I have to be very careful with SWF as it tends to upset my stomach (loose mushy stool & lots of god awful gas). Plasma completely wrecks my system. It took me about 2 years to connect the dots…Do you notice it happens on SWF days more so than the other pre-workout day?

You could try doubling the water. That seemed to help. Ultimately I dropped pre-workout drinks entirely in favor of solid food. I still use BCAAs & Protein (all Biotest) post work-out with zero problems.

Well for a while I used mag-10 with surge together and that gave me HORRIBLE diarrhea. But once I stopped doing that I really didn’t see many issues if at all with the surge. The loose stool recently hasn’t seemed to have much of a correlation with when I take the surge which is why it’s so confusing. Thinking it could be a delayed reaction…but then again it didn’t cause me any issues the last couple months I used it. Making me think it might be something worse like IBS

Ya, same for me. Mag-10 and Plasma just run through me. I don’t know why that is and SWF definitely has less of an effect, but it still causes me issues.

If I was you, I’d cut it out for at least 2 weeks and see if your symptoms clear up. If not, then maybe see someone about IBS, but it seems odd that you’d all of a sudden get IBS.

Good idea. Prob should have tried cutting out the surge a while ago to be honest. Always thought it might be the culprit. I’ll post back after a week. Might try cutting coffee if that doesn’t work

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there’s a thread I started on here a few years ago in a past life called “gut health - sort of a log” where a bunch of us discussed our issues and various ways we’d tried to fix them. The cliff notes are:

-digestive issues can be caused by ten million different things
-probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, fibre supps, etc. can all help but each has a slightly different utility, so unless you know what’s wrong you’re just blindly throwing shit at a wall to see what sticks.
-if you are intolerant to something you’re eating, there’s nothing that’ll fix that except cutting out that food (group).
-don’t think that because you eat the same shit every day that you don’t have an intolerance. Quite the opposite, in fact. They can develop over time to foods you eat daily.

Good luck! I’ve dealt with my share of issues and I mostly have a handle on them now but it’s a work in progress. If you’ve the cojones for it, try the elimination diet.

I have experienced similar issues while using a high fat intake. If any of my meals/shakes went over 3 tbl spoons of mct, fish oil, olive oil, etc I would experience soft stools. Also I experienced issues like that with drinking my morning cup of coffee with my 6 egg breakfast. Caffeine is a mild laxative but it only seemed to affect my digestive tract when consumed with my meal. It happened a number of times but I feel like there was more at work in that matter. Since then I have regularly taken my probiotic with morning and evening meals.

I definitely agree, very helpful. Thanks for the info. Prob go to be eliminating a few things from the diet and see what happens

Wondered if it might be all that fat in my diet. Might try cutting down on all that coconut oil for a bit. What do you think I should replace those calories with?

Maybe some fruit, which I don’t see too much of in your diet.

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What is actually wrong with this? or do you just like the feeling of a hard cock coming out your ass?

Edit: ‘crap’.

It’s not healthy. Look it up.Plus who wants to wipe your ass with double the amount of toilet paper?

Maybe your body is telling you that it is sick of the same food every day?

May also be a good idea to add some green vegetables to your diet.

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I made up the fats with avocado, they seem to digest very well for me.

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of the things you mention, I noticed increased bowel movement with creatine and coffee. Try cutting them out and see if that makes any difference. For me, it absolutely does.

@Yogi1, do you eat any fermented foods for digestion? I think it’s Mark Dugdale that is a big believer in this. Curious what your thoughts are.

Anybody eat rice anymore? That always seems to tighten things up.

Well, my bowl movements are fine again now haha. I didn’t really change anything expect for cutting our surge workout fuel and creatine. I only use those like twice a week anyway so I can’t imagine how that would cause a problem that lasted for weeks on end. Who knows. The digestive system is so complex

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I eat them all the time as well.

ya, I eat sauerkraut almost daily. You have to be careful not to get pasteurised shit, as that destroys the cultures.

It’s hard to say if I’ve noticed a direct benefit from the 'kraut as I added it at the same time as I made other changes, but it’s one of the “supplements” (not that it really is a supplement) I use not because I notice a quantifiable benefit, but because I trust the science.

In any case, my digestive health has improved of late.

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