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Digestive Enzymes


I've been hearing a lot about digestive enzyme supps. Are they a waste of money? I eat a TON of veggies - would my body have trouble digesting them all and need help? Or is it okay?


Here's how you could know if you need them or not:

Do you feel bloated sometimes after eating foods? If so, then it probably wouldn't hurt.

Another option is try some probiotics and maybe enzymes and see if there's any differences from before.


I think JB had an article where he was saying you should be balancing the acids and bases in your digestive system and could start by eating salads with vinegar and eating pickles.

And if you read the article about super foods it mentions yogurt with active bacteria.


I've noticed a HUGE difference in reduction of bloatedness over the last year since using Greens+. For this, and many other reasons, I'd recomend you try it.


Yogurt with active bacteria is excellent. Helps with digestion and just makes everyting work better.

Why isin't everyone doing this I have no idea. There is only 15g of carbs in like 50ml which is enough for 1 day.


good mention the Greens+

I also use fiber caps along with the fish oil and the active culture yogurt.


I like probiotics and yogurt but supplamenting with digestive enzymes just give me heartburn. I don't believe they help with how fully you absorb nutrients or how fast or well you digest food.


I've actually read a couple studies that used inulin (a prebiotic often found in yogurts) as a means of increasing Calcium absorbtion in the digestive tract. Probiotics have also been cited as providing a lot of help with induced colitis in rats.

First hand experience has also led me to believe the pre/probiotics help as well.