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Digestive Enzymes


Hey y'all,

Is anyone familiar with taking digestive enzymes such as papain and/or bromelain for increased protein absorption? I know that Zane and Robbie Robinson used to be big on taking them way back when, and I know they can help (to some degree) in general digestion. Just wondering what y'all thought of it.

Every once in a while, I'll pop some papaya + pineapple extract tablets after a meal. I have noticed that on my (very rare) trips to the local buffet, if I have a small serving of fresh pineapple between plates, I can eat more without feeling as full. But I'm not sure as to it's actual effects in breaking down and absorbing the food.


I use them all the time. The info I've read is that the body's making of enzymes drops after the age of 27, which the early enzymologists equated as the number which old age begins, exactly because of this. This drop continues until 35, then the body makes them in appreciable amounts only when eating. So I use them liberally when eating to minimize the burden on the body and maybe slow down the aging process, and I also think this is a good idea anyway with all the processed ingredients found in many foods today.

You may not know how much a role enzymes play in keeping you healthy, so I recommend the book "Enzymes: The Fountain of Life" by doctors Lopez, Williams and Miehlke for more info. Also, pay attention to how many times the word enzyme appears in any nutrition or supplement article here on T-Nation and you begin to understand their importance.


Yoghurt is great as well.

As for the specific ones you mention. Look at an article about a year ago By Mr and Mrs beat. They seem to both use a LOT of pineapple just for the aided digestion of protein.

Interesting read none the less.