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Digestive Enzymes

'Sup T-hombres…anyone here take digestive enzymes? For what purpose? What effects did you feel/see? I saw a bottle on sale the other day and it made me curious.

I take them because my digestion is “weak”, and if yours is, you probably know it and do not have to ask. If you want to try some you want to get broad spectrum plant based digestive enzymes NOT pancreatin, etc. Try it for a few weeks by taking right before every meal and see how you feel. Often people do not notice any benefit while they are taking it, but only notice when they stop. The reason that you want plant based enzymes is that the plant enzymes work in a range of pHs i.e. they work in the stomach and intestines, whereas the animal based kind only work in a narrow range of pH e.g. the stomach or intestines not both. The best one I have found is called simulase by Tyler [I do not work for, nor have any interest in the company]. However, they only sell to docs. If you know of an alternative doc e.g. naturopath, chiropracter, etc they might know of it, and could get it for you. The one I used to use is by a MLM company called infinity [definitely do not work for them]. It is almost as good. There are others.

I like to use Solaray’s Super Digestaway and Prevail dairy enzyme formula. I consume a lot of dairy products and sometimes have allergic reactions to it,but the Prevail really helps.The Solaray is to ensure that I’m digesting other types of food I notice I don’t get heartburn or feel bloated when I take them.