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Digestive Enzymes

Any of you guys and girls have a recommendation for a good digestive enzyme?

Quantum Digest—www.healthline.cc
Best out there

There are several brands, but you want high dose BROAD SPECTRUM PLANT BASED enzymes. They work in a broader pH range. PM me if you want examples of a few good ones (I have no commercial interest in any). Or search previous posts.

Addendum: Yes, Chris below is correct and everyone should do that. For some that will not be enough especially at high protein intakes (try typing “gas” into the forum search engine and see how many hits you get). If that is the case, give the enzymes a try.

The best digestive aide is chewing your food more than you do now. Really. At least do this before worrying about digestive aides.

Stop eating crap will work some. Modern food processing has destroyed all if not all, most enzymes. having a full flora gut helps alot. Most of us don’t even have much so that’s why we have digestive problems. Probiotic will help restore flora gut. Taking antibiotics can completely wipe these out, putting you at increased risk for certain diseases. Heavy drinking will destroy them as well. Fermented food will help greatly but it is not practiced very much these days due to modern food processing. Fermented veggies should be good enough.