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Digestive Enzymes

Does anybody have a suggestion for what digestive enzyme to try out? I hardly take in enough protein, but I still find myself with a lot more gas than I think should be normal. To say the least, I’d like to find a good digestive enzyme to solve the problem. Thanks ahead for any assistance.

You can try papaya tablets. They’re cheap and work pretty well.

A step up would be Wobenzyme, which is more expensive, but works very well.

And you could run a search for other suggestions, because this topic has had a number of threads over the years. Lots of info out there.

Omnizyme Forte. The best! Do a search on the net, you can’t get it in stores.

Hm…i wondered about this also…since taking up the T-Dawg last week my diet is much higher in protein than usual. my only side-effect is the gas issue so i guess thats where it may be coming from…either that or all the greens :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for the tip.

I like digestive Enzymes and a Udo’s Choice makes a great product. Also, Healthforce has a great product as well.


Um, Enzymes have no taste. So I like Udo’s because they don’t have alto of fillers in them that allot of others do. Also you can open up and mix the contents of 1 or more capsules in to your shake, for many people there is a food sensitivity to Whey (or kind of Whey.)

Have you changed your Whey product recently?

Also, what blood type are you, and what kinds of protein have you increased in your diet.

I know that o+ or o- have a higher level of Hydrochloric acid in their stomach, so beef and high protein diets are ok. I think A’s have a hard time with beef?

Look in to it.
Ya I guess I am a little bias as far as Udo’s goes!~

Oh my second choice would be Wobinzyme.
But I don’t think you get them in Canada.

Yes, Wobenzym is available in Canada and distributed by Heel (www.heel.ca). However I’ve found that I can save myself a hundred dollars by buying the big 800-tablet bottle by mail from U.S. websites.

Thanks allot!
I was recommended Wobenzym a year ago, and I haven’t gone out of my way to source the product. So thank you…
I have heard that they have numerous benefits specifically imune enhancement.
Heel is a great company I had a rather serious injury in Sept while performing a clean the bar failed to spin and slipped from my grasp.
Dropping on to my left knee.
All is well now but I found a benefit from using Trameel topically. Another Heel product.
Wow I had no idea that online ordering would save so much! Thanks :0)