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Digestive Enzymes

This is probably way off for this forum but we all know that bodybuilders and athletes are ten years ahead of what comes out in the public press.

I have an Autistic child and you can tell that food is digested differently, could someone here tell me how digestive enzymes work I was thinking of trying them.

Some years ago I saw a couple of blood tests where patients with various health problems had the first test and blood drawn. For 30 days they used Life Plus(I do not work for them) brand Proanthanol Bio Complex, and a digestive enzyme then called Sustanese. At the end of 30 days their blood tests were more than a little improved. It was impressive.

Also some parents with children, also used, their childrens vitamin pill called…give me a minute…Vitasaraus. They will not say anything that could get them accused of ‘prescribing’, but I personally know people who have used their products and gotten good results. They are not cheap.

Some people used the products for months or longer, and asked me when they should stop, I always responded “when ever you want to hurt again”. There are a lot of knockoff products and companies. Life plus is for real, the same as Biotest is top of the line in their products. My personal advice, eliminate all the sugar you can from the child’s life.

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I don’t know if this will help but I have been using an OTC digestive enzyme by NOW called super enzyme and have noticed a difference in energy, strength and lean muscle gain. It just helps break down the food for easier digestion. I have no bllod test to prove anything just what I have mentioned. Also it is very inexpensive about $5 a bottle through bodybuilding.com on the web. Hope that helps.

Let me add that I know people who used the Life Plus products, got good results, they went out to buy something cheaper, and the cheaper product failed. When they went back to a top of the line product, they again got good results.

When I was in DEA school some years ago, they discussed testing various brands of asprin. All asprins were acelsalocutic(?) acid, but when tested and analyzed, results varied. The DEA lab people said they only use Bayer and St Joseph for their family. In the same train of thought, if I use a proanthanol, digestive enzyme or the like, I stay with the product that worked for me,and people I personally know.