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Digestive Aids


ZymeMax "Digestive aid" supplement... anyone used this or know about the things in it?

Have almost a full bottle and wondering if it'd be worth taking...


I've never heard of that particular brand, but I can vouch for Udo's Choice Digestive Enzymes. They're definitely worth checking out.


What exactly does a digestive aid do for you?

Honest question. I just can't see any benefit given the proper diet. The body seems quite capable of processing food and supplying the body with nutrients.


I think it helps you digest larger amounts of food, not quite sure though.


Most of them have a good dose of live bacteria that in this day and age and well hell any time can be good keeping that level in the intestines HIGH they digest food and fight illness etc. Then some like bromalean (sp) found in Pineapple etc help with faster easier digestion of protein, there are several that help different areas of digestion.

Us being bombarded with chemicals and preservatives on a daily basis even those of us who eat very clean compared to the rest of the world. it cant hurt to take a nice cheap digestive aid and get the bacteria from sources like yoghurt. Keep the intestine health and colon Happy.

Hope that helps a little,


From the lectures I've heard and the essays I've read the logic goes like this.
Our bodies can only produce an adequate supply of enzymes for a limited period of time. This is not limited to digestive enzymes, but the whole spectrum and all the biochemical reactions and functions they control, which is pretty much every function in the body. The age at which enzyme production starts to stop is 27, which the experts agree is the time when old age begins. After this, you need to supplement with extra enzymes to not only aid digestion, but also to help the body to stay healthy and keep protein scar tissue from getting out of control. You can PM me for specific products that are considered the best for these purposes, but for a further explanation read the book, "Enzymes: The Fountain of Life" or look up info on Dr. William Wong.


I use organic apple vinager before most meals. It is cost effective and has help my digestion....less gas.

I remember reading that it also helps to control insulin spikes, and some people swear by it as a weight loss product.