Digestion Time of Food Proteins?

I have recently begun trying to remove the protein shakes from my diet, except for my PWO shake. I also use meal replacement shakes and pre bed shakes. I wish to switch out the meal replacement and pre bed shake with food sources. Is there a difference in the amount of time it takes different food proteins to digest?

For example does protein from milk digest slower than tuna, egg or meat proteins. I basically wanted to know if there is any food item that would digest similarly to casein protein. I know that adding fats will slow absorption/digestion but I am already consuming a large amount of olive oil and fish oil as is. Sorry for long opener, thanks in advance.

meat is a good choice if you want a slow digesting/absorbing protein before bed

Yes, different proteins are digested and absorbed at different rates.

Any food item that would digest similar to casein protein would be a food item that contains casein protein (cottage cheese is a popular choice).

A solid food as opposed to a liquid meal will almost always require longer digestion time. Thick piece o’ meat should do it.