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Digestion Theory to Raise BMR


Ok this is only an idea I had. Im no doctor of digestion and i dont know exactly how it works. I learned that for competive eaters its better to chew your food fully so that you can fill your stomach more, so the oppisite would be true if you didnt chew your food well at all you would be more full. Would the fact that there is less surface area for acid to digest food increase the amount of energy needed for digestion?

Thereby increasing your BMR and would taking an anti acid or acid reducer do the smae thing because the acid would have a higher ph? let me know if this is a possiblity thanks


Sounds interesting, but I doubt it. Digestion is highly efficient because your body contains a lot of enzymes. These are responsible for most of the digestion process, all the acid does is kill off bacteria and denaturize protein as well as increasing the surface area of fats. So, probably if you didn't chew, you'd get worse absorption of macronutritients, especially protein, which is not really something you want. I'm no expert on the subject either, but it doesn't look very plausible to me.


yeah it was just a thought. not chewing fully does leave you more satisfied if people have trouble beign hungry. i'm never hungry i jsut eat because i have to, so being satisfied is really a big deal. thanks