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Digestion Problems

I just finished testing my Hydrochloic stomach acid from the Charles Poliquin’s post. I had ZERO burn with 7 pills. I have had digestion issues for many years, my gas is so bad within 10 minutes of a meal. My wife and kids are constatly on me with the smell.

I am currently on a gaining phase, I get 6 meals a day and my totals are
3500 calories
260 grm Protein~Whey-Beef-CHicken-Fish
400 grm Carbs~Oatmeal-Berries-Surge-Potatoes-Whole wheat pasta-Lentils
Fats 60 grams~Flax-Fish oils-Olive Oil

I would love to do a little Massive Eating but the gas just gets so bad, the above is about all I can eat and keep the gas somewhat under control. The more I increase the food the worse the gas.

I always believed that I had this bad gas because of the constant feeding every 2-3 hrs, I just believe my body just can’t handle all this food and that is how it is, I figured most people who eat like WE eat have this problem.

Well, tell me everyone, are you like me with this problem?

I am very excited to try this experiment HCI to see if it brings any results. ANYBODY have any suggestions, I will try just about anything.

Oh, I have tried about every digestive enzyme on the planet with ZERO success. The gas comes from proteins and carbs both, the main cause of the gas more of the amount of food I take in daily not the types of food. HELP PLEASE

I would see a gastroenterologist. I had some serious digestive problems over the summer and some problems currently, because of food poisoning/gastroenteritis. the doc said my stomach was producing too much acid, causing diarrhea, and mostly nausea, so she prescribed prilosec otc. it has helped, but hasn’t cured anything. have you tried prilosec, or pepsid ac??

Do the farts smell like roses or taco meat?

I’ve not had any problem with digestion. Heart burn once in a while (true Heart burn, not the Acid Reflux stuff), but nothing else to worry about.

Are you lactose intolerant? Maybe try some probiotics.