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Digestion Problems on Test E Cycle

Hey guys
Im currently running 250 mg test e e5d
At Day 15, the third time i pinned i godt some problems with my stomach.
Around 4 hours after the needle i had a loss of appetite and energy + i got an extreme amount of gas and got the shits. Now one week after all this started there is no change.
Everytime i try to eat i get extremely bloated up and i need to shit. Its like my digestion had stopped? When i wake up i can burp and defiently taste what i ate last night
Went to the doctor and got my infection numbers checked and they looked fine. She just told me i had a Lot of gas. Yeah right thanks!
Before this i had my calories in check had very good training and my energy level where on top.
Do not understand why the testosterone would affect me in a negative way?
Anyone have an idea of what is happening and why and what to do to correct it?
Im 30 years old, 175cm tall and around 80 kg - a little less now after this weeks No eating and a lot of shitting
Sorry for this weird shit post, Hope to get some help