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Digestion Problem

I have a somewhat big problem. Usually, I had no problem with digestion whatsoever, I was regular at the bathroom every morning, I would feel clean and withouth gas everyday.

In the January, I started with a complete cut diet, I’m down 25 pounds (205 currently) and I plan to lose at least 10 more (I have to for my sport, volleyball). Everything is great, I have enough energy, my practices are going great (every day), I go to gym 3x a week pure maintenance (for what it’s worth). I just can’t figure out what’s wrong with my digestion.

If I miss going to bathroom in the morning, I’m awfully bloated and the smell when I fart is like something died inside of me. If I have a mayor dump in the morning, everything is great (no smelly farts etc.)

This is aprox. my diet (Do I lack fibers?) around 2200 - 2500kcal a day. I often snack a few walnuts throughout the day.

9 AM - Whey, cottage cheese, maybe a banana, oats.
12 AM - Chicken breasts, green peas or brown rice, green veggies
3 PM - Chicken breasts with flax bread
6 PM - Usually whey, cottage cheese, milled flax seeds
9 PM - 4-8 hard boiled eggs, some walnuts

If I wake up early (5-6AM) I’ll usually have a meal that’s similiar to the first one.
The 3 PM meal is highly diverse, so anything (within the guidelines) goes.
Every shake that consists of whey, cottage cheese and water gets 2 tbsp of milled flax seeds.
I get 1-2 apples between the feedings.

As I said, no problems with energy, tiredness, sleep etc.

I don’t know servings sizes, but I would hazard a guess that you lack fibers.

Your shake choice seems to be very fast digesting (whey + flax) for meal use, could it be ‘cleaning out’ your system during the day and not letting a morning dump build up? (On this line of thinking, do you take mini-dumps throughout the day, or fart an absolute ton?)

Lastly, many people have had success with some psyllium or other tolerable fiber supplement, they’re pretty cheap if you wish to use one.

No mini dumps, massive buildup of gas during the day that culminates on my volleyball practices. I think it could really be the lack of fiber, so I started taking a supplement my mother had from a while, she never used it.

Eat more green veggies. I would start there as you said, it may be a simple fix like getting more fiber.

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It’s been since January. The times I’ve had a large increase in fiber in my diet, the problem has taken only a week or two to clear itself up. If that is actually the problem, it’s been over 8 weeks now and the problem should at least be somewhat improved. Perhaps he has some kind of allergy to something new he’s introduced into his diet?

To be honest, could be both.

For the first month (3-4 weeks), I skipped on the flax, and oats were minor (<100g daily). Rice is always 50g. Actually, first mayor distress started when I introduced flax bread to my diet. The recipe says a slice has 6g of fiber, so I would eat aprox 12g fiber just from the bread.

My stool received kind of greenish color. Brown-green. I stopped with the bread on Saturday, this morning still is green (but I have been adding milled flax to all shakes). And I can’t seem to, how to express myself, finish my dump, I always feel like I have more left.