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Digestion of Protein+Starch Meals


a little down and there's a claim that "When the masticated food reaches the stomach, digestion of starch by alkaline enzymes continues unabated, thereby preventing the digestion of protein by pepsin and other acid secretions."

it's just an internet article, but i'd like to see what some of the more knowledgable people think


I'm not a very knowledgeable person, but starchy foods can be pretty low down the list of carbohydrates to eat for bodybuilding purposes. Things like fruit and veg (green, leafy veg being the best) are better than bread, pasta, rice, cereals, etc.

So, in short, maybe the best thing is to use starchy carbs as a last resort if you have nothing else in the cupboard at home?


You should have left your post at that.

Everyone that I've known that's added a significant amount of muscle has consumed a lot of carbs in all forms to fuel their workouts and growth.

In my experience, the people who stick with fruits and veges as their primary, or only, carb sources typically don't carry much size.


agreed with big + carbs. not saying this is a must, but generally a true case


Perhaps I got a bit confused with a table that CT did when he rated types of carbs from 1-10.


He said this a while back:

Here is what I consider to be the order of carb sources that are ideal for body comp.

  1. non-green veggies, but no starch (yams, potatoes)
  2. berries
  3. fruits with a low glycemic index
  4. other fruits
  5. yams or potatoes, but only post-workout
  6. legumes and beans in moderation
  7. grains (the most ''natural'' ones)
  8. other grains (if you have no choice)
  9. pasta
  10. sugar/junk

Sorry I don't have the link, but I just copied and pasted it into my email folder.


yes, but body composition and large amounts of muscle aren't necessarily related :slight_smile:


I get that. I was just explaining why I was confused :slight_smile:

So much info on this site that it's easy for a newb to get his wires crossed once in a while.


Pertaining to the OP's concerns. I don't see why alkaline enzymes from the mouth would take priority over HCl in the stomach; also the fact that they answered the question "How does protein from the starch source get digested" with "Digestion's complicated" leads me to believe this isn't the most reliable website.


There isn't enough carbohydrate digestion in the stomach (not much at all) to even consider whether or not its disrupting my protein digestion. Sounds like a bogus outlook on things.