Digestion and Appetite

I want to get the most out of my food and think im not getting enough out of what im eating, is their anything like vita greens i can take to increase the absorbtion of my food?? Any vitamins, minerals or supps anyone suggests? I’ve done natropathic remedies that i couldn’t handel coz i would vomit them up, very un palitable stuff, so i was praying to god that someone here would no sumthing about something.

Secondly is their anything i can take to help me supress fullness because god dam i no i can eat more than i am, i just feel sick and full after training and after i eat. I want to eat more and force feeding makes me vomit so i want to no if anyone knows if theirs something i can take to make me feel hungry just like the sh*t they put in cookies to make u eat more! Those dam junkfood companies.

  1. I think your body does a pretty good job of absorbing nutrients in food. This isn’t always true of multi vitamins as they don’t always dissolve well. Just stick with quality in this case.

  2. Maybe, but I think you are looking for too many fixes. Your body gets used to things over time and for me that includes how much and when I eat. If I eat breakfast all the time and then skip it once I get very hungry. If I never eat breakfast then I’m never hungry in the morning. Basically you should be eating 5-6 times a day and after a while your body is going to get used to it and expect it.

I’d have to bet there are more important things you should be focusing on. Just get the basics right, they are hard enough to stick to as it is.