Digesting Triple-Protein Shakes?

So in the week I manage to eat loads of protein, but in the weekend I eat with my family and miss my protein quota. So I started having two triple scoop shakes each day at the weekend to hot my macros. The only thing is they do bloat me quite a bit.

So to get to the point, is there any evidence that having that amount of protein shake in a day it doesn’t digest properly?

And anyone get any other tips for quick on the go weekend protein?

Cheers all

If you can stand eggs (some people can’t; I love them), make LOTS of hardboiled eggs. I can pop in like 5 within a couple minutes, and that’s already 30g of protein. Done three times a day, that’s almost 100g. I do put salt on mine though - from a health standpoint I doubt that’s considered very healthy but it gives it more flavor.

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Eggs. Easy to get six down in a day.

Should be alright but if would be better if you have em with meals and/or space out as able

Depends what powder also, I’ve had some that mess my guts up really bad but I have absolutly no problems with the one I currently use. I triple scoop pretty often on weekends too.

Also you can get pasteurized liquid egg whites to bulk the numbers up. Beef jerky is another on the go option. Keep packs of pre cooked meats around and just top up your meals with that.

You’ll probably have some luck with a higher grade of protein powder and spreading it over 3 shakes instead of 2.

I current use my protein impact whey. I end up having it in 2 shakes due to the weekend admin of life (with young kids). I’ve tried spreading into 3 shakes but usually forget one.

I guess I need to be more prepared at the weekend somehow.

BTW, look into Quest Nutrition bars … they might help on your busy weekends.

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