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Digesting Fats


I was talking to a good friend of mine this past weekend who happened to also be into training...we were just BS-ing about diets and he told me that he has had to keep fat to a minimal ever since he was a kid because even the slightest bit of fat just sends the food that he just ate out the other end if you know what i mean... he was well aware of the importance of fat in the diet it, but he said that he has tried quite a few things with no success.... I have been wondering if JMB may have some input into this. Is there anything this guy can take in order to be able to digest fats?


Yes. A good digestive enzyme supplement would benefit many people (you only benefit from what you absorb not what you eat). The best are broad spectrum PLANT based enzymes. I use and recommend (no financial interest) simulase by tyler encapsulations. They only sell to docs, but if you do a web search you can find a supplier. Your friend might just need e.g. lipase (a fat digesting enzyme) with or without bile. Not sure, but tyler may make that also. Their website is under tyler-inc and if they have a just fat digestion product they can probably direct you to a doc. My suggestion would be to stick to the simulase for most people.