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Digesting cow flesh

hey a friend of mine studying health in college just passed along this little tid-bit of information. It takes 72 hours to fully digest beef. No wonder why I always feel all heavy after my red meat days. Does anyone know how long it takes to fully digest poultry?

Ummm, that’s BS. I eat it and it comes out the very next day…usually 24 hours later.

more proof that college sucks!

not that i didnt go. in all honesty i have learned more from t-mag then i did in high school and college combined.

yeah, it’s pretty sad if you think about it. I have learned more from this website concerning nutrition than school as well. Anyone else here see little dollar bills with wings fly out their window? Yo morg you only go once a day? Damn bro get some fiber up in that colon.

Depending on different factors, it could take 72 hours from the time the food entered your mouth to exit the system (or whatever’s left that isn’t absorbed). Again though, if you eat a lot of food like us T-men do, this typically doesn’t apply. So that statement is both true and false.

I never said I only go once a day, wtf. I said it takes 24 hours approx for stuff to go through. I eat more than once a day.

What’s funny about this, is, as soon as I read the subject line, being digesting cow flesh, I new there was going to be nonsense in here regarding the evils of consuming animals.


BS…eat a steak with some whole kernal corn (as a marker)…can’t miss the whole kernal corn at the other end…I guarantee you will pass the corn and steak within 24 hours…if it takes much more than 24 hours…you’ve got digestive problems…and you won’t be able to pass the corn without passing the rest of the meal…I usually pass a meal in about 12 hours.

I think you hang out with too many hippys…ten bucks says that dog’s a gay vegetarian…

the trick is to eat some hot ass chili. i eat hot chili, and sometimes it comes out within hours.

btw im drunk right now.

not that there is anything wrong with that.