Dig Through the Ditches

Link to old log that has links to my older logs!

Took a few days off from logging. Kinda liked lurking but not posting, hehe.

But you know I can’t stay away for too long. I’m going through some stuff as some of you may or may not know. If you don’t know, just ask! I try not to complain too much. I try my best to not use my health issues as an excuse to just sit and mope.

I had actually wanted to name this thread ‘living dead girl,’ just to give you an idea of how I am feeling. I know I’m alive when I’m lifting and moving around. If not I feel rather zombie-ish.

My goals right now are to keep moving, keep lifting and to not gain 6500lbs in the process.

Song related.

Training today–

shoulder warmers

Straight arm PD-
3x8x30,40,40 2x10x35

Db shoulder oh press
*neutral grip
10sx12 15sx8 20x5…then reverse…20x5 15sx8 10sx12

Lat side/front raise- 3x12x7.5

Pull-ups)machine assist(
Standing pulldowns?(1 foot on seat, leaning back slightly, pulling the attachment toward chest)
*I used the closer grip one…not the skinny v-handle but the bigger one…not sure)

Lat raise Death
5sx12 7.5sx8 10sx5…reverse…10sx5, 7.5x8, 5sx12
Bent over lat raise----same deal

Hammer curls
10sx12 15sx8 20sx8…reverse…

Barbell curls
30x10 40x8…40x5 30x12

not sure what the hell I am doing. Trying to keep it interesting and trying to make it HURT. I was so pumped I could barely move my arms.

Cardio- Bike- 3 min warm up
up to 4:30s now
2.5min cool down

15 min on treadmill

Dig through the ditches 2 scene 6

Ha, for a living dead girl you do some pretty intense stuff. Nice going, and glad you started a new log.

I am sorry you feel crappy. I have low thyroid issues but it never cause me much of a problem once I started on meds, I was lucky I guess.
You are pretty f-ing awesome to keep going though even though all of this. You are a very strong person :slight_smile:

I like lurking too, but I’m still here checking in…yep, she’s rocking the volume.

your back!

nice work- ms.Swoleness

new log! WooooHoooooo!

Is this fo real?? LOL!

gulped down a protein shake…I can do this. I sorta figured out that whey protein is more cost effective than greek yogurt. oops.

And also, Almond milk is AWESOME!!!

off to the gym.

[quote]mom-in-MD wrote:
Is this fo real?? LOL!


Works the booty in a secondary fashion. More for the core/quads, but I could watch her do that all day long. Do it!!! :wink:

As for the low energy production/living dead girl feel, I think along the same lines as you do. Look back on when I had my appy surgery…I’d go bat-shit crazy if I didn’t move.

It obviously works for her!

Hey RODb-good to have you here!
ya, keep moving or feel dead inside.

Cal- OBVIOUSLY!!! lol


dynamic stretches

-single leg ext- 5x10x15,20,20,20,20
these hurt but I ignored. SO annoying

Glute machine-4x10

Leg press- not sure my knees appreciated this, but the other one I normally use was in use.
5x10- ramping up to 200.

Cable leg kickback-

RDL- 4x10x95-- you know whats weird? I don’t feel these where I should. Like at all. I still do em. Higher reps, lower weight maybe? I’ll experiment.
-swiss ball crunches in between sets-

GG/BG- 2x20

Single leg RDL- 3x10

Tried Hyper-extensions, but my knees didn’t like being stretched like that.

Tried the lying leg curl, sadly can’t do these either.

Good mornings- I don’t feel these in my lower back. Feel in my butt though??

I think that’s it.

Bike 3 min warmup
4:30s Bike -level 20
3 min level 3-4
5 30s sprints
1 min inbetween

did not use the spin bike. But I’m convinced the regular upright bike is broke. Level 20 felt like level 10. The spin bike was hurting the other day.

[quote]mom-in-MD wrote:

ya, keep moving or feel dead inside.


Sweet Jesus, MiM!!! HAHAH! I love you. So dramatic!

But really, hang in there mama. I know it must be so hard to have to deal with this prolonged issue, but I/you/we know you can do this. And I’m glad you have the log to vent and show testament to what you can and have endured and how you can and have overcome. Strong woman is strong! raises fist in air

Btw, are you supposed to be doing leg extensions with bad knees?..you might want to stick to close chain exercises until you get that MRI result, or no? (fuck i’m obsessed with your knees!)

I’m the same with RDLs actually - once I get over 85lbs they become Stiff legged deadlifts, which are great and all, but not the same. I should hit probably do the same and go lighter, higher reps. Good idea!

ok, that’s it. Miss you!! Congrats on the new log! In the words of our wise lil’ ninja, keep on keepin’ on!

Wouldnt be able to tell from reading about your training!! Wish you felt better though, such a mental game this is!

Heres to you feeling magnificent soon!!!

Haha, guess that was being dramatic!
Good question about the knee extensions. Honestly, I don’t have a clue. They had me doin em in PT and I didn’t feel comfortable with it.
The kind with the single leg one, is I’m only working the end range of motion…that very top portion, without hyper-extending the knee. And right before I feel any grinding.

MRI is THIS THURSDAY!!! And then I’m set up to make an appt to see the Ortho and Sports Med place once the results are back!

Appointment with the thyroid lady is not until mid October though. :frowning:

Upscale- hey thanks for visiting…yep, I know I got the mental toughness, now I just need the right medicine to get those results I work so hard for!!

Despite all my rage I’m still just a rat in a cage.



Take a little less than sumo stance with toes angled out

Bend over…yeah, I said it.

When your bend over, exagerate pushing your butt as far as you can go

Lower the weight to mid shin…low shin…not floor

Is that your form? It should be

If you don’t like the wider stance do them off a stepper platform thing…

Good mornibgs are a glute and ham move not really a low back one…if you feel it in the low. Back more than glutes and hams its wrong

I think I’m gonna back off the extra cardio. Only limited to 20-30 min after training. But trying to get motivated to get out and do extra in the evening is a bit much for me at this time. Until I get my whores moaning properly, is there even a point really?

If I start adding more and more cardio I won’t have any trick for later. At least that’s my thinking.

Made me think of this cause I went out for a walk awhile ago and even WALKING was hurting my knee.

Hey Ct!

Not the floor, huh? That may be the reason. If you do em to just your shin it probably keeps everything under tension better?

I’ll try that stance too…thanks!!

don’t know about the GMs…cause it was all ass. I always thought it was the opposite though??