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Diffrent Quanties for Test 500mg/Week

Does it matter how much “fluid” you have to inject to get 500mg/week. I mean if its 250mg/ml you have to inject 2ml. But say well I have 2 bottles of Test C that is 100mg/ml. So I would have to inject 5ml to get 500mg/week ( 1/2 the bottle). 5ml is a lot to inject in the muscle ( gluteal region) as opposed to 2ml. Does this make any diffrence?

More soreness/pain prehapse because of more “fluid” injected?

Thoughs? Comments?

Do not inject 5ml in one place, at one time. Research injection frequency.

Hmm That is what I thought. Thanks, I will do that search. I guess I should split the injection to each of the Gluteal regions…( Left and Right).

I used to inject gear that was only 50mg/ml or 75mg/ml.

I’d inject 3ml into each leg. Works fine. Makes walking the next day somewhat difficult, though. Lol!