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Difficulty Eating and Keeping Food Down


Long time reader, First time poster.

I'll start this post off with a little information about myself. I am 6'1" and weigh 130 lbs. I am a design student in college and live in the dorms. I was recently diagnosed with IBS and Hypo-Thyroid Disorder, which is being treated with medication. I plan on starting Ripptoe's Program as soon as I gain access to the nearby gym.

During high school, I was eating close to nothing. Every day, I became so sick after eating that I tried to avoid it altogether. Now that I've got that under control, I am finding significant difficulty eating enough food in general, let alone enough to gain weight.

I know the usual responses, such as 'drink more milk and eat more protein,' but I need some additional help. I eat until I am gonna burst at every meal, but that happens after just a turkey sandwich. I need to eat additional meals thoughout the day, but my options are rather limited since I cannot cook anything in my dorm room.

Milk fills me up really fast and also makes me sick in large amounts. I can't have any lettuce either. Since the majority of people around me are overweight (I'm in the US afterall), I am somewhat on my own here.

I would like some suggestions for high-calorie foods that will not fill me up. Right now I've found that peanut butter is good for squeezing in some calories outside of the cafeteria. I know olive oil is great as well, but am unsure where I can include it in my diet. I know oatmeal is another staple, but it fills me up so fast with all the water it absorbs.

I have a feeling this may seem absurd to some of the forum users, but this is my situation. I want and need to gain a serious amount of weight, and I've got to start somewhere.


whey protein shake with extra virgin olive oil. Make it happen.

This goes down very smooth, I think you should be able to handle it.


I'm on the same boat TS. I discovered puting olive oil in my shakes here this weekend. It works well. I also went to Super Supplements today and bought some Now Carbo Gain. The combination of oil and carbs in a shake works quite well also.