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Difficulty Controlling E2

Some thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated: I am a 42 year bodybuilder. I have cruised and cycled for about 5 years. I have managed to keep e2 under control with typical AI protocols although have always required an AI to keep in the reference range (have used Aromasin, Anastrozole and Letrozole). Last year I was feeling crappy while on a long blast (felt like high e2 sides which bloods confirmed 203 pmol/l ref range max of 161). Free test was 3200 pmol/l ref range max of 736) [apologies for the units but that’s what we use in my country]. I was on 20mg of Aromasin EOD (cycle was 700mg testE and 700mg equipoise). I increased the Aromasin dose to 20mg Ed and E2 went higher still strangely (236). I then decided to cruise on TRT dosing to see what happens. Test dropped into the normal range and E2 to 141 but still on the 20mg/day. I increased the dose to 40mg/day abd e2 went up with test at the top end of the ref range. I cruised for about 5 months still only able to control e2 on very high dose Aromasin. I then tried Anastrozole at 2.5mg/day even 5mg/day with no better luck - e2 was still at the top of the reference range and libido crappy (I checked Prolactin throughout and thyroid function which were all normal). The biggest issue has been inability to lose body fat and low libido with e2 this high (no gyno fortunately). I the tried Letrozole which at low doses had crashed my e2 in previous years. Had the same result. I have even combined all three (not sure if there is any interaction between them). Results the same. I am currently blasting again getting ready for a comp in October. Muscle gain has been good but E2 still high and bf not coming off. Any thoughts or similar experience? For some reason I am suddenly hyper excreting aromatase enzymes.