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Difficulties in Achieving Orgasm


Had a similar incidence in the past, the crying, not attractive anymore, she will get past it.


Women like to monopolize certain “victimizations”. And so as far as they’re concerned, being acutely affected by hormones is THEIR territory. A Man complaining about it? “Suck it up bud, that’s not an excuse, that belongs to ME…YOU DON’T FIND ME ATTRACTIVE ANYMORE!!! Wahhhh!”


The only thing I’ve changed is increasing my dose. I’ve gone from 34mg EOD to 36mg EOD to 42mg EOD to 46mg EOD and I’ve varied those strengths at each injection time… mainly staying up between 40mg-46mg EOD.

It’s been 5 weeks since I moved up from my prescribed dose of 34mg EOD… Timing seems to fit on when I could have issues.

I’ll give my normal dose a couple of weeks and see how I feel…and tread lightly in the bed until I’m feeling better.

Thanks for reading and commenting, I appreciate it.


I just don’t have that type of relationship I guess. If I asked my wife “Am I your super man” she would probably try to knock me down a notch.


Savage but probably a little truth hidden in there.


A little levity to wake upto

You know your libido is on the rise when you wake yourself up at 3am humping a pillow.


Hahaha… That’s good stuff right there.


Not sure who suggested mixing up dosages but will definitely heed their advice. I inject 3 days a week subcutaneous rather than into muscle. Will start rotating between 10, 15, 20 units or equivalent to 60mg, 90mg, 120mg a week then reverse the scenario 120, 90, 60.

Started the DIM and finally got more lycopene in. Things have completely turned around so far, pretty sure it’s coming from the variations in the amount I’m injecting.

By the way

Happy Thanksgiving

I ate enough Brussels yesterday to sink a ship


Got to ask, being I’ve never asked, cant believe I’m alone here. Back in my 20’s - late 30’s I could have sex all night long with no resting time. I mean I would climax and just keep going and going, once I hit the second climax I would essentially have a permanent erection. I’ve read where prolactin is responsible or lack there off, I’m guessing I had none. Balls would be sore all the next day after a night like that.


That’s f awesome. I mean I could have sex and again after 15 minutes. But I lose my erection after I ejaculate. Younger I think my refraction time was even less and younger maybe a random time I would stay hard.



Update, added DIM, increased foods containing DIM, staggering injecting amount per week. So far, really good response.


be cautious with DIM.


1 100mg cap a day, no more, I like my knees


Still, get labs after a few weeks. That stuff creeps up.