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Difficulties in Achieving Orgasm


Alpha - do you recall the timing and quantity of each you were taking that crashed your E2?


I went from like 4 caps a day, to 1 every few days. It all screwed me.


Were you taking them WITH your anastrazole? Or taking them alone?


never WITH anastrazole. I only did anastrazole for like 3 months. I had HORRIBLE migraines. I felt awful.



So just ACG and DIM tanked your e2?!! Did you ever feel like you fell through the sweet spot everyone speaks of?


What your referring to is noted in lots of posts. It seems like when you drop or increase dose, the fluctuating hormones are what triggers that libido surge people are talking about. .

This is why physio states that you should vary doses. So if your on 100 a week. Do 40/60. and then switch back. so on so on.


Could you imagine if we were at the surge all the time …


I think that’s the point of varying doses like that. I have been stable for labs, which keep getting postponed (sorry guys) but I think I’m definitely going to start varying it again like that.


My point is if we are walking around with super high libidos. Um… Hard for anyone to stay married.

We would be like the animals in the plains. Banging everyone that passes you. Just hop on do your thing and move on.

Am cracking myself up. Lol


I have been vary my dosing too, going up from my prescribed 120mg a week mostly. I have been feeling awesome at this level, and this is un-scientific, but I think at these higher dose, I’m officially feeling high E2 symptoms.

Swollen hands, same diet pretty much every day and I gained 6lbs in 2 days (!), Sometimes lethargic, a little brain foggy/trouble focusing, low semen volume (like, is that it?)… And the worst… 3 of my last 4 times in bed with the wife ended with me unable to maintain an erection while having sex…what an effing disaster that’s been…her crying saying that I don’t find her attractive…oof.

Needless to say, I immediately dropped back to my prescribed dose, have been crushing broccoli, taking DIM and CDG… Hoping to get back to how it was, because we finally got back to having a great sex life.

Was just curious what levels of DIM and CDG you were taking. Thanks for the response.


Makes sense, I notice a difference when going up and or down


You and me baby we aint nuthin but mammals…


Learn how to fake it if you cant make it. It spares the grief coming afterwards from the spouse.


Literally lost the erection about 3 minutes in… No faking with a wet noodle. Hasn’t happened like that since I’ve been on TRT. Awful.

Needless to say, going back to my original dose and trying to reduce potentially high E2 with DIM/CDG and broccoli (I actually really enjoy eating broccoli too).


That’s a tough one buddy. Fear of failure is also tough to get over


I mean…she knows you are going through some hormonal shit right?


You better get labs. Its not always HIGH e2. Low e2 can cause very similar symptoms. I wouldn’t rely on your dick going limp to suggest high e2 without other symptoms, or a lab.

Your scaring me with all this CDG DIM talk.


That’s a tough one. Keep in mind you were her super man.


I couldn’t take the inconsistent erections. Daily Cialis is wonderful. And lowered my blood pressure.


Yes, but I don’t think she understands the depths of the impact exogenous test has on a man’s body and how excess could be converted to estrogen. We spent about 25 minutes discussing the hypothalamus/pituitary axis and how test has an impact on it… And my urologist actually offered at an earlier appointment to meet with her too to discuss.

Even after all that, it’s still a shock to her I think. She just thinks I inject something and I get better.

I’m on my original dose from here on out. Maybe I’ll vary dose now and again to switch it up, but baseline will be original dose.