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Difficulties in Achieving Orgasm


You engage in foreplay?
Maybe you just need a bit more to get the engine started.


You may be right Charlie.

This is the scenario I hate, and sorry if it’s TMI: my gf loves to give head and she’ll often, outta the blue, wanna give road head. Well, things need to be hard in order to do that.

As a kid, the mention of a BJ was enough to get me going. Now, nope.


You are correct. Dude when we were 16 the wind would blow and we would get hard.

My 13 year old boys get boners watching kissing on regular PG TV.

We are all different. I know the feeling you probably want I got it 2 weeks ago. You could touch my pants and i wanted to f you. But I don’t think that’s normal.

Normal for me is my wife starts kissing me in places I like ( neck , etc) touching … And you can see my dick rise. If she is able to get dick up without actually touching it ik am going to be good to go. But sometimes I require direct touching of my dick. Sometimes I may jerk it myself while she is doing other stuff to me.
Why do you think people have fetishes for? People get turned on by different things like smell, touch, anal play, nipple play, feet etc…
Some couples watch porn together to get excited.

I think you may be too hard on yourself ( no pun intended -lol). I had wrong expectations too when going on t. Am 41 I don’t expect to behave like a 19 year old.

Sorry for the explicit details but it may help you.
Btw damn would I love road head. All I got when younger in car is a hand job.

I.e if it takes you touching your nipples or whatever while she gives you spontaneous head then so be it. Or ask her to do something else first before she sucks if that is what makes you hard.

Sorry for tmi but I think it is useful for Roscoe.

Do you watch porn btw? Cause that could be an issue but am sure you know that already.


Sorry roscoe88 that would break my soul if wife decided to give me road head and all I had to offer is a limp noodle.


My libido was so high when first got married, before injecting that I could barely sleep beside my wife for fear I’d miss an opportunity.

Caught her in the closet one time naked and bent over looking for something, end of story


Charlie, thanks for the advice. I probably am a little too hard on myself.

You mentioned porn, and I absolutely do think that it somewhat desensitizes you. You begin watching normal stuff, and that gets you aroused. THEN, you need more graphic stuff in order to get going.

Then, low and behold, kissing does nothing for you. Porn is bad stuff I think…


Porn is addictive stuff, as you say, a little is fine, then more and more and so on. I’ve noticed my porn consumption goes up and down in relationship to my wife’s libido. Her libido goes up porn goes down and vicsa/versa


Me too. But an trying to just masterbate without porn.

Check this out guys @roscoe88 @THORBAKER


Good luck, happens on occasion for me


Am not addicted. Not even close


I quoted another board user when I was trying to make the point between the two … sexual desire and sexual arousal … I find that people lump them together (included docs, whether unintentionally or not).


Because they don’t have the experiences yet … experiences also increase desensitization. And yes, I fully agree that porn does also.

But the more sex partners and experiences you have, the less likely you will be to get a boner looking at someone because your body had already “met” that goal and is seeking the next and it must be greater than the first for excitement to kick in.

Some of my friends tell me what they think about while having sex … sometimes I wish for an “unhear” button! The more we do, the more depraved our fantasies and fetishes become.

(I hope I don’t get shot … ) … the more access to difference sexual partners we get, the more aggressive and assertive we become, because of the shift in power.

There is a real reason behind the push to “monogamy”; and it is not for the reason most people believe.


See, I’ve been wondering about this subject myself lately. Some days I feel like my libido is insane and I can’t walk by a woman in the grocery without getting hard. Other days, the thought of sex doesn’t cross my mind at all.

What’s normal or abnormal when it comes to libido has, as of late, been a subject of interest to me. Before TRT, my libido was always high pretty much daily. I had other problems (fat gain, fatigue, no motivation, etc.) but libido/arousal was never an issue. Now my libido is sporadic and I don’t know if it’s “me” to have it lower (some days) than before treatment.

Maybe things will even out for me, it’s only been 6 weeks.


What helped me the most with evening things out was to take your total weekly injection divide it by 3 and injecting 3 days a week into fat not muscle


Right now I do EOD 20mg subQ shots. Frequency may not be my issue, dosage might. However, I’m waiting a couple more weeks to get blood work before I make any changes.


Started back again with 200 units of HCG, 0.1 ml of 200mg ml t, both 3 days a week. Waiting on the lycopene to get here, the lycopene, lysine, pumpkin seed oil seem to make quite a difference. They inhibit the production of DHT


Even in my darkest days when I felt the worst, I was still perving at the grocery store or any other opportunity I had. But I wasn’t getting chubbies thinking about what I saw.

In the last few weeks, I started getting the occasional chubbie while sitting in the car thinking about old sexual experiences. It was a welcome feeling; one that needs to come in a bottled supplement. It doesn’t happen often, but I think most guys will agree it is a WONDERFUL feeling when it does.

Guys on boards like this understand “balance” more than most doctors. Difficult to explain to them how numbers don’t necessarily represent the whole picture.

I wanted to kick my urologist in the teeth when he told me my issues were because I “was getting old”.


What dht related side effects were you having that lead you to seeking out these things?

I’ve had bouts of back acne and times were I’ve had to pee, but couldn’t. My psa is 0.3 I think, so I’m thinking the BPH and back acne are dht related. Hair is thinning in the front a little more after starting trt too.

Wondering about your symptoms and which brands you used of those things listed above?


I was injecting at one time .6 ml of 200mg T a week for yrs. Tried to go to a new doc (bad idea) he wrote a script for 1ml of 100mg once every 2 weeks. I’m 240 pounds, my body wouldn’t have even acknowledged that amount.

It is all about balance, I don’t want to be like I was in my 20s but I dont want to be completely sexually inactive either


Going bald at a rapid rate was one of the side effects. Constant prostatitis was another. PSA has always been good but prostatitis was a problem. Got so bad at one time, couldn’t hold my water. Lots of cranberry pills, antibiotics and the supplements listed above helped a lot.