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Difficulties in Achieving Orgasm


Ordered the DIM, 100 mg caps. From what I’m reading it’s best to start at 100mg


Don’t make the same mistake I did.
DIM and CDG CAN and WILL lower your e2 too low if your not careful.

Best to start naturally, increase broccoli/brussel sprouts, warm lemon water, lose weight. lower dose.

Trust me. I damaged my knees when I had chronically low e2 and could not jump, squat or run for over a year.


The cruciferous veggies is what gives your DIM naturally.


What everyone says is very interesting. I have very different experiences with estrogen levels and ejaculation. When estrogen is very low I have low sensitivity and difficulty ejaculating, however when estrogen is very high I ejaculate very quickly. In fact when I have come off cycle in the past and test has been very low and estrogen very high I have been able to ejaculate in seconds with a completely flaccid penis!

Just throwing that in the mix as devils advocate :joy:


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Aye, powerful things hormones!


I’m a big fan of broccoli Brussels bok chow cabbage, etc. I dont eat any obvious carbs so I’m a big veggie eater. Think maybe I’ll out my ninja blender to work and drink some of this stuff. I do need to lose weight. Gained for some unknown reason other than stress, got lots of stress.


Appreciate all of the suggestions


Anybody want some help with ketogenic diet, I’m here.


I’D LOVE to do keto. cant take the increase to my SHBG.


Can you expound on this? Seven months ago I had a lab come back with very high SHBG (63 nmol/L range 10-50), and it turns out that’s when I was experimenting with the carnivore diet. Does ketosis raise SHBG?


I have never read that before in a clinical setting, Sex Binding hormone, and I’ve studied ketogenic diet for quite a while now. 48, diagnosed with diabetes, 49, quadruple by pass, been ketogenic since.



Typical with most studies in regards to carb restriction is they do not consider time and the effects ketosis has on the body chemistry.

It’s all about the brain. Your body will protect your brain when carbs are restricted. In brief, once carbs are restricted to the point of forcing your body to burn lipids for energy your insulin resistance will go up temporarily and a small amount of muscle will be sacrificed to make glucose. This is only temporary while your body adjusts to it’s new fuel supply. Once the transition is made everything gets better.


Here is a pic of before and after 6-9 mnths of keto diet


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I assume you arent in the US then?


Keto and IF increase SHBG. Supposedly, your body thinks you are going into some kind of starvation mode, and the increase in SHBG is to conserve whatever testosterone you do have.

Women who have PCOS (caused by lowered SHBG, and increase in free androgens) are told to go on a keto diet, to increase SHBG.


It’s a temporary phase only. Increased SBH


Women with PCOS usually suffer from extreme insulin resistance and the therapy for reducing insulin resistance is to remove the need for insulin and to increase exercise along with Inositol.

Live in the low country of SC, doc gives me a lot of leeway in regards to T


Still not worth it for me. Like I said, id love to do the steak and eggs/ IF diet. Anything that increases my SHBG though seems to decrease gains significantly.


So how do you guys judge your libido. Me, being a big Swede in my youth I had so much testosterone you could smell it on me, no amount of Irish spring could stop that smell. Now a days if I find myself thinking about sex half the time, I’m doing ok


Thinking about sex is libido.

The drive to go after it, and your bodies reaction is the arousal part.

I’m always thinking about sex, so I think I have a good libido. But when with a woman, my body doesn’t respond well (arousal). Arousal is more than just good erection… it’s that flushed feeling one gets while making out that drives the body to NEED to get laid.