Difficulties in Achieving Orgasm

60 yr Male injecting 0.2ml 3 times a week of 200mg/ml t-cyp and 150 units of HCG 3 days a week in adipose tissue. Blood test showed normal total t, real high free t. Also taking, pumpkin seed oil, lysine, lycopene along with vitamin E.

Problem I’ve encountered is my libido is high (high is normal for me) I feel good but find it difficult to achieve an orgasm. Right now I’ve stopped all injections and waiting to find that acceptable level of free t.

Was wondering if anyone else has run into this situation

You need to bang harder. Much harder.


That doesn’t always work, went at it till I was totally gassed.

Is this being done with a partner or by yourself?


The way I found out was I ran out of T for nearly a month. On the way down before hitting Male menopause things were great, all systems go. Then after getting some more T, things again worked well. After getting back on normal regiment not so much

Welcome to 60?

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I lived through my 50s, it was a rough ride. I’m here and feeling like 40 now. Ketogenic diet since 49

You might need to switch things up and get a little creative.

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Millennials seem to like eating ass… might give that a whirl.


That was Chris and Pangy! Both those dudes are old.


That’s not going to happen /\

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I am laughing out loud at my desk reading this thread. I have 3 millenials myself, the oldest a freshman in college and they are all girls. Needless to say I won’t be querying them to find out if “eating ass” is indeed a millennial thing.




Man, I’m only 32!


I remember making a butt sex joke in front of my dad, I think his soul died a little. Ha!


I see I started something.

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Haven’t injected in nearly a week, I’ll let everyone know how it goes here in a little while.

LOL, I’m 52 and was thinking the guys he was referring to were in their 60s.

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